B U E N A   V I S T A

Project Details

Client: State of Delaware

Date: February 28, 2017

Buena Vista is a popular Conference Center owned by the State of Delaware. The Conference Center consists of an historic house, built by Delaware Statesman John Clayton circa 1946, surrounded by farmland. The State decided to convert an historic pole shed into a multi-use pavilion for picnics, educational events, and as a general gathering place for outside activities.
VanDemark & Lynch, as part of the design team, provided surveys and site design for the restoration of the pole shed and improvements to the surrounding areas. Site improvements included, improving drainage, installing a sloped concrete “patio”, installing a grand entrance stair case with adjoining ADA ramp, and re-piping a storm system whose outfall extended through a retaining wall and dropped stormwater a couple of feet onto the proposed patio.

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