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Project Details

Client: Buckingham Place Apartments

Date: November 1, 2009

When the Buckingham Place apartments were originally built, a drainage system was constructed with an outfall into an existing stream. Over the years, the flow from the drainage system eroded the bed of the stream, toppling trees, exposing utilities, and threatening the foundation of an apartment building. VanDemark & Lynch assisted the owner with planning, surveying, and engineering services to develop a plan to restore the stream.
Initially, the Owner wanted to simply stabilize the stream with a rock wall, but it was clear the cost of installing the rock wall would be excessive, and would not resolve the underlying problem causing the erosion. Therefore, we developed a plan which restored a gentle swale, piping the excessive flows below, in the upper reach of the stream, and restored the lower reach with additional stone quoins and plunge pools. This became a much more cost effective solution, eliminating the chances of a return of the erosion problem. Because this solution was ultimately more sensitive to the ecology, we were able to easily obtain the necessary permits, and the community now has an attractive amenity, rather than a dangerous eyesore and liability.





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