Within a period of only six months, VanDemark & Lynch, Inc. helped Port Contractors, Inc. obtain approvals for, and construct a new 100,000 square foot Dry Bulk Storage Facility in the City of Wilmington, DE.  This fast-tracked project, which will store petroleum coke produced at the Delaware City Refinery for shipment overseas, started design in mid-December 2010 and became operational in mid-June 2011.


VanDemark & Lynch worked with the design team and provided survey, site design, and assistance obtaining regulatory approvals.  The design included fill within a floodplain, stormwater management, and a new rail siding that crossed Christina Avenue and major utility lines.  Regulatory approvals were obtained from the City of Wilmington, New Castle County, DNREC, and DelDOT.  In addition to crossing a large water main, a large sanitary sewer force main, a large gravity sanitary sewer interceptor, major underground electric service duct banks, and a fiber optic line, the rail crossing is located beneath the I-495 Christina River bridge. EDiS provided construction management for the project.